Beginning Watercolor (Jan 4-Feb 1)

Learn the basic techniques of transparent watercolor. Find out about the best paper, paint and brushes to use. Students will create multiple paintings of after learning how to do wet-on-wet washes, wet-on-dry washes, and building layers of colors with a variety of subject matter including: landscapes, cityscapes, and still-life. Students can copy the instructor’s paintings or work on their own subjects.


Supply List:
Thanks for registering for the class. This is a bare-bones supply list. I will show you the brushes and paints I use in the workshop and you are welcome to purchase additional supplies as we continue. However, I do not want you to spend a lot of money on supplies you might not need or want. Please call or email if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you.
Supplies to bring:

MOST IMPORTANT: Good watercolor paper. You can have the best brushes and paints in the world and you will not be able to paint anything (worth a darn) with cheap paper.
Buy several 22x30 sheets of professional watercolor paper. I use Arches or Fabriano Artistico 140lb Cold press or rough surface. We will work on 1/4" sheet sizes (11x15”) . Do not cut paper before class though.
Watercolor blocks are as good as individual sheet.
Do NOT buy watercolor pads. This is the cheapest paper made by manufacturers- it might have a good name on the front (Saunders, Fabriano, etc) but this is inferior paper.
At least one each of the three primary colors. All colors are Winsor & Newton unless specified:
Red- Rose Madder Hue (Turner), or Scarlett Lake
Yellow- Aureolin, or Winsor Yellow
Blue- Ultramarine Blue and Cobalt Blue (buy both), Cerulean Blue
AND: Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Perinone Orange (Daniel Smith), Imperial Purple (Daniel Smith), Shadow Violet (Daniel Smith), Lunar Black (Daniel Smith)
Watercolor brushes- Squirrel mop brush- #2 or #4 , Round #4 or #6 for finer details.
Paper towels. I use Viva w/ no pattern.
One small bottle of masking fluid. Make sure liquid isn’t clumpy or solidified. I use Pebeo and Graffix though Daniel Smith and Winsor Newton Masking fluid will work too. Do NOT buy Winsor Newton Permanent Masking fluid
Cheap medium sized brush for masking fluid. Nothing fancy.
Water container
Watercolor Palette- I like the Sterling Edwards Big Brush palette but I also own several Richeson Covered Palettes. Make sure your palette is big enough to mix lots of paint with water so you have big puddles of color ready to go.
Drawing supplies. Pencils, white erasers, pencil sharpeners
Water resistant board to put paper on. This could be gatorboard, plexiglass, or wood. You could even cover cardboard with freezer paper and put watercolor on top.
2” masking tape or painters tape
Sense of humor (required)

Recommended Places to Purchase Materials:

Jerry’s Artarama- 3060 Wake Forest Rd. Raleigh, NC 27609
I purchase all my supplies at Jerry’s Artarama in the Holly Park shopping complex near Trader Joe’s. They have everything in stock and the best prices. I do not receive a kick-back for sending students to Jerry’s- this is where I shop.
Michael’s & Hobby Lobby (several stores in area)
Michaels and Hobby Lobby have a small selection of painting supplies. Prices are high unless you have a bunch of coupons. You can easily save 25% ordering online at art supply stores online:
Online: Cheap Joe’s, Jerry’s Artarama, Blick, Utrecht

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Enrollment Begin Date 8/1/2022
Enrollment End Date 12/30/2022
Ryan Fox
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Enrollment Minimum 6
Maximum 15
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Age Minimum 15 Enforced - As of date 1/4/2023
Maximum 100 Enforced - As of date 1/4/2023
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Wednesday - 01/04/2023
Start Time 1:00 PM
End Time 4:00 PM
Location Flaherty Park Community Center
Wednesday - 01/11/2023
Start Time 1:00 PM
End Time 4:00 PM
Location Flaherty Park Community Center
Wednesday - 01/18/2023
Start Time 1:00 PM
End Time 4:00 PM
Location Flaherty Park Community Center
Wednesday - 01/25/2023
Start Time 1:00 PM
End Time 4:00 PM
Location Flaherty Park Community Center
Wednesday - 02/01/2023
Start Time 1:00 PM
End Time 4:00 PM
Location Flaherty Park Community Center